Heatwave on the Way

The weekend looks like it will be spent mostly indoors.

Right now I water every other day, during this very very hot early summer, fortunately I have this good old hose that I do not even store in the garage anymore since the heatwave 🙂. I water at the end of the day or in the evening abundantly and by the way, I also sprinkle the yard with the inground sprinklers!

Frankly, without this regular watering, there would be nothing! Everything would be dry… and a lot of the plants would be compromised. As for the rose bushes, they all prepared beautiful buds, but what is silly is that I might be on vacation when they bloom.

But phew, others decided to bloom again in my presence. Like this hymalayense geranium that had bloomed very generously the first time, and right now shows me how beautifully delicate it is. I am impressed because it is not even rated for our area.

You may remember my order of flowers earlier in the year, they were not completed: I had ordered, among other things, beautiful dahlias which didn't get delivered. I was disappointed. So as I walked the aisles of an excellent local nursery, I found dahlias, ones that will look like the ones I liked so much! As I did late, I will have flowers for August and I am thrilled. Still the set that we already have are not bad! The heat and my regular watering are a big part of it.

Courage to all in this overwhelming heat! And good gardening!