A Vitamin Filled Breakfast

Just a quick up date since I wanted to share a little secret with you, it is our breakfast of the day:

Fresh from the garden papaya (papaya from the store or if you are lucky enough to have a grandfather like ours, from the courtyard). He has a lot of them right now. They are young papayas, from seedlings started just 2 years ago, but they are already now producing fruit. We like to drizzle the papaya with a little bit of lemon. It's a good thing our lemon tree is full of fruit!

Fresh from the garden pomegranate. It's not easy to prepare (actually it takes such a long time to seed) and it's not easy to eat (we chew the arils to keep only the juice and spit out the small seeds in the center of the arils), but it's good and very interesting from a nutritional point of view (alone one of the healthiest fruits on earth, according to some we enjoy the taste).

A few slices of pineapple, straight from our fruit and vegetable merchant who sales at the farmer's market. No pineapple in my garden yet, though it would be a fun experiment! Though success growing pineapples at-home is really only realistic if you live in Florida and Southern California.

See you soon!