Wow, so I have finally done it. Impudite is live! I think that it is a little terrifying to open yourself u and share your deepest thoughts with the world anonymous (and unless you have seen the photos of my ridiculous glasses that I was forced to tart third grade with you are an anonymous reader).

Now I am here. I have made the plunge.

When I started contemplating the idea of starting my own website it was due to the desire to get off facebook. At least when it came to sharing my own ideas AND feelings. When you share something personal on there you put it out there and get a couple of likes, some comments, but you really haven't gotten to connect with them. For one thing it is an expectation, a must when it comes to responding to the group of friends you have en-massed on the website.

I have a need to share, but at the same time I want to have something that is able to stand on its own. Something that does not come with the expectation that you have to like it and leave some sort of superfluous note.

So what is my site about? It is about the mysterious aspect of growing flowers, about satisfying my own personal curiosity, and if that is not enough it reflects my current mood. Whatever that mood may be at any given time.

For now that is all? What more could I say?