Repairs, Repairs – Fixing Our Old Sectional Sofa

When my husband and I married we got a really nice sectional sofa from his grandmother. She had bought it the year before and wanted to give it to us for our home. It was really nice and sweet of her and it has held up for us really well. But after four moves it has sustained a little bit of damage.

The first thought was to repair it. I coudln't imagine throwing it away and getting a new one. And that was the right call. There were a couple of small holes that I was able to darn. Some of those holes came when we tried to make remain together.

There were also a few loose springs which were fixed by my father yesterday.

I couldn't imagine not having a different sofa in our livingroom.

As you know, sectional sofas come in many shapes, styles and designs, thus the reason they are so common, it is because of their versatility.

What's not to love?

You can find the right one for any room or living space.

They can come in two, three or more pieces and include features such as loungers or reclining chairs. They can be taken apart and arranged separately, or they can be connected. However, when arranging sectional sofas, some people (my self included) may become frustrated because the pieces don't always stay together. When we moved into our first home the living room had a hardwood floor. THey are nice in theory but they are a real pain from personal experience. We didn't want to scuff the flooring so we put felt under the feet. This was a nightmare, we were in a state of constantly rearranging it. Fortunately, there are several ways to fix the pieces and keep them from slipping and sliding around.

Enter the hardware.

Some manufacturers of sectional sofa offer special hardware just for this task. We have looked at them all. For example the man at the store sold us an L-shaped holder (not sure what the proper name is) and a plate connector. We were supposed to use drywall screws and a strange set of tools (no I am not talking about screws) that were included in the kit to connect the pieces. This left holes in the sofa at the base where the pieces were supposed to connect and it didn't really hold.

Total bust!

Like many first time furniture owners, we were not the nicest to our sofa. If you go with this method follow the instructions that often come with the package, using a drill and screws to secure the squares and connector plates for each piece of the sofa structure, then attach the pieces to one another.

Other commercial products

If the manufacturer of your sectional sofa hasn't included fasteners, it's not too hard to find on your own.

I am pretty sure we could have skipped the furniture store and gotten a different set. They are plentiful and specially designed to keep the sectional sofas together; they can be found in hardware stores or online and they are made with metal or heavy plastic mounts and supports. When you look for them you will see that they can be found in a variety of styles, so you just need to choose the style that will work best for your particular furniture.

DIY equipment

My friend's husband went and built his own.

If you can't find exactly what you want among the sectional sofa hardware choices available, don't worry. You can always put something together quite easily (at least as I am told). A heavy hook-and-eye closure (sort of like the ones you find on screen doors) is an inexpensive method.

Attach the support to the eye on the underside of a piece of your sectional, then attach the hook to the underside of the piece to which you want to connect to it. Slide the hook into the eye, and you're done.

Our kit cost somewhere in the range of $60 or so, this method is less than $10.

Quick solutions

For those who are not very practical with a drill or who don't need a robust solution, there are several ways to easily and quickly join the sectional sofa pieces. Velcro! The heavy duty kind can work for sometimes, while others have tried to tie the sofa legs together as well as using fasteners.

Putting non-slip coasters under your feet can also help stop the pieces from slipping out.

It's not difficult at all but it still takes a little time.