I Won’t Procrastinate

Hello my little one,

You'll see pretty soon, I'm not the kind of mom to do things right away, the second they appear. No. I am more one of those moms who postpones, pushes things off to tomorrow, see if the the next day or even the next week fits. Why do things the same day when it can be done just as well a little later.

It's a fact, I procrastinate. It's in my nature, a beastly instinct or something else that drives me.

I often find myself doing everything in a hurry because I have waited too long. I've always done this, whether it's for the appointment for the dentist, writing my presentations in college, or even for the super-urgent papers to be returned or retrieved. It challenges me in my daily life, I feel the pressure mounting in me, the adrenaline gives me this feeling that I cannot fail when the project moves forward and I love it. No, I'm getting carried away a little bit.

Actually, I'm just the queen of procrastination. I love to put things off. It's not even that I like it, it's just that it's become a habit that I can't get rid of.

How many times, as the new year approaches, I have set the right resolution to do what I have to do when it needs to be done, not the next day or the next month. And how many times have I failed.. It's always better to start new things on Mondays. Monday is a start and it marks the beginning of a beginning (it also works with dieting, when you quit smoking, resuming exercise. All good resolutions start on a Monday.