Here Is To A Very Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

As I mentioned recently, I want this year to bloom a little more, more flowers, more color, my terrace and my windowsills can also be filled with flowers. Last year I was saddened by the spectacle of evergreen foliage not always very beautiful, dry trees without leaves, and "empty" spaces left by the disappearance of perennials etc…

To put it plainly I dislike winter, because of the drab palette.

I had planted a few heathers but, it remained quite insignificant.

My falling petunias are still there as well as my begonias, white bacopa and white dipladenia; I still enjoy it to the max even if they are no longer very beautiful! But the other annual flowers have died out!

I did a little tour through the garden center and I found cyclamens, 4 pots for $4 already in bloom, which I also like very much, and have kept them inside before. Of course I bought some.

I started planting all them, but the planters are not finished, because space is still limited. Sigh.

There are flowers everywhere (I ran out of space too soon), we have white and fuchsia cyclamens, and Gynura aurantiaca (Purple Passion) on the windowsill in the kitchen, but I haven't taken any pictures yet.

I desperately lack time to devote to my flowers right now, but we'll have to start preparing for spring soon (wait, it is still winter?): I still have not put away the Christmas ornaments!